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Personalized Classes

Let us help you to choose the right one

Personalized Classes: Classes

Private Pilates

Experience personalized 1:1 session with our best-in-class Pilates instructors as they work to understand your goals and body. We modify, tailor and advance your workout which is right to optimal fitness and posture re-education. Your body experiences improving overall function, balancing and strengthen while you practice your unique program.

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Group Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates is the best for everyone who is seeking to achieve core stability, tone up, weight lost and good posture alignment.
you can expect to see increases in flexibility, muscular strength, and endurance with an improvement in coordination and mind-body connection.

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Semi Private Pilates

This fun class is the best option for spouses, friends & family members. Enjoy a creative specialized program that designed to meet or exceed both of your expectations.

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Private Rehab Pilates

This type of Pilates is particularly suitable for you if you suffer chronic pain or specific injury. You experience personalized 1:1 Rehab session with one of our Certified Injuries and Special Population Pilates Instructors, as they understand your limitations and your goals. Your body will be pain-free, and experiences improving overall function, balancing and strengthen while you practice your appropriate program.

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Private Pre-natal & Post-natal

The best and the safest choice for Pregnant women & New mom.
Our instructors are trained to safely guide you throughout your pregnancy and help to prepare you for labor and childbirth. Your instructor will provide necessary modifications required for each trimester and stage as needed to suit your individual needs.

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