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Testimonials from Our Clients

Before I started doing Pilates with Eli, I was struggling with extreme core weakness, back and neck pain after having 4 kids. I often had muscle spasms and wouldn’t be able to move my neck for days.

I continue my practice with Eli because I am getting stronger. My posture is better and I have much less back and neck pain. I feel taller and stronger. Eli motivates and pushes me.

Before sessions sometimes I’m tired from a long day but after each session I have a clear head and loads of energy.

I love Eli’s passion for Pilates! She’s incredibly knowledgeable about how to target certain muscles and can modify any exercise. She always keeps the workouts different and engaging.

I’m much stronger now and have much better endurance. I have greater core stability and I feel the difference it’s made for my body and posture.

If you have a chance take her classes! EZiPilates is The Top 10 Best Pilates Studios in Toronto and Eli is the best Pilates instructor. she is knowledgeable and so fun! She will listen to your concerns and tailor a program just for you.

I have been doing Pilates for a long time and with Eli I found something new. Her Reformer Pilates studio is always interesting and challenging with exercises I have never seen from any other instructor. My strength and level of fitness has improved significantly from her classes. I love doing Pilates with Eli’s can’t recommend her more highly!

Recovering from a shattering injury, EZiPilates makes me so happy. Eli is the most attentive and supportive instructor I have ever worked with: not only knowledgeable of rehab protocols but also encouraging and uplifting (which is crucial for trauma recovery). I came with a very serious injury of my knee, unsure if I would be able to walk without a brace, facing a possible surgery, and just feeling disillusioned about anything related to fitness. Eli developed a custom the best rehab program for me, made sure that I started progressing at a steady pace, and ultimately restored my confidence. I look forward to every class!

I definitely recommend Elham to anybody who cares about her/his/ their body and also mind. It is fair to say she is a game changer because she is totally capable of rectifying and improving your life quality by diagnosing any little or subtle miss functions in your posture and she is absolutely meticulous and creative to design a perfect exercise plan for you and this is only the beginning!

Since 2016 I’m doing Pilates with Eli as my private instructor ( online and in her studio, the best Reformer Pilates Studio in North York ) and I’m still amazed with her translation of human body! Her cues and way to make you engage with your body and use your potentials to the fullest is her strongest suit and finally not only she is a wonderful coach but she’s also a very sweet and kind person who dedicates all her love and energy to you.

Asma Arslan

Eli is the best Pilates instructor I’ve ever been with. Before I found Eli through Instagram, I tried a few Pilates instructors but she made Pilates so accessible for me. I struggled with weight and strength issues. Eli built up my muscle strength with so much encouragement and patience. No matter how intense the session I always felt strong and refreshed after. Eli is personable, kind and understands exactly what movement works with your body. She build my skeletal muscle foundation and now I’m a superstar at any fitness activity I take up. This is a totally unbiased review and I can vouch that she is the best Pilates instructor you will ever find!  EZiPilates is the best Pilates Studio.

It worth to try it, and you will never leave stott pilates. It Will correct your postures in short time. The impact is essential for old days. You'll never feel your age if do it professionally and correctly . It's not just about moving your hands and legs, or heavy weighs. It's strengthening your body, inside out, when still keep your. I do recommend Eli, If looking for serious result.

Eli is very professional and knowledgeable, from the first assessment, she knew what was my problem, and every session she’s helping me to improve. She’s very detailed, not an easy instructor. She likes to challenge the clients’ limit and strength, which I really enjoy. I like her enthusiasm and expertise in Pilates, she’s not the type of instructor that wants to make money, but to help clients to achieve their goals, improve their body, reduce any body pain or physical obstacles m. She’s the best Pilates instructor, if you try 1 session, you will love it and it’s vey worth it.

Pilates with Eli is one of the amazing things I have done in my life, she is professional at her job and her Reformer Pilates Classes are challenging, fun with the best modification if you need.

Eli is extremely knowledgeable about Pilates and will adapt the workout to your preferences, goals and limitations as needed. She is very friendly while being very professional. I highly recommend her!

I've been practicing Pilates with Eli for the past seven months and she is truly the best Pilates instructor I've worked with. No two sessions are alike – she plans ahead new exercises tailored to my goals and needs so that the class is not boring or predictable. Not even the warm-ups are repetitive. More importantly, she constantly adjusts my posture and challenges me while being mindful of pre-existing injuries. My neck pain significantly improved after just a few sessions. Her classes have helped offset the hours I spend sitting at a desk for work, especially during the winter months when outdoor activities are irregular. I always leave feeling like I've completed a full-body workout and that my muscles have been lengthened and stretched. Thank you Eli for your dedication to your clients and commitment to continuous learning!

Eli has been my trainer for two magical years, she is the only trainer I can trust because of her flawless knowledge of Pilates and how the human body works and the fact that she always keeps herself up to date. She always pays attention to my physical problems during full training so that my broblems do not get any worse.

I enjoyed being with Eli ٫ it was a great experience. She is very precise ,literate, kind and conscientious. I suggest you try it and enjoy your satisfaction

I got a really good result in a short time. Eli is the best and first class coach.

Reformer Pilates class is excellent because the exercises we do are varied and focus on all the muscles of the body .
I must say that this class is my best experience in sports.

We care about getting you results and understanding how you feel about the process. Please share your feedback with us.

Testimonials: Testimonials
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